We are here in the arms of mama-bear, we have a lot of space and clean air. Shouldn't even brag how cheap it is to live here. And how nice it is that there is no traffic jams, you can just go to a gym or swimming hall. Actually, it seems that everyone is in a hurry and rush to get somewhere. But we are already there. We are living the dream.

It doesn't mean, that we have stopped and falled off the wagon. The whole variaty is here, passion, tears, childrens laugh, extreme entrepreneurship and relaxed wellbeing. All the normal feelings in human life. Everything would be just perfect, unless the world had changed so fast. The world, sized of a human being, doesn't seem to be enough.

But if there would be just a bit more of us and the variaty for jobs a bit wider, there would not be any kompetition with us. The young people would stay here and we'd like to keep them. It is a shame, if they move away after a job. Many does that. We don't need miracles. Just a few people.

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