In several places they close the small village schools in the name of saving. We try to keep them, since they are close - places to learn and enjoy the learning.  They work in small groups. And the world is not that far away, vice versa. With modern technology it is closer than ever. We have a lot of partner schools in europe and they sometimes consider us as role models.

We have Sataedu, which schools second grade students to almost every profession. Even special studies you can't study anywhere else in Finland. And same goes to adults. Students here go to Polytechnic or University to Pori, Seinäjoki and Tampere. And then we come back. Well, we do have polytechnic school in Kankaanpää too. People just have called the art school for ever.

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* Pohjois-Satakunta - Suomi sanakirjan mukaan Sopeva = Sopiva, passeli