If living at home and working is not enough for you, you can still get yourself some hobbies. We do that here. And the way it feels the best. If you want to ski during the summer, you can. Or if you want to play golf in the winter. No problemt there. Gliding in the sky? Anytime you want! And this is even a bit easier than in other places.

Good skiing routes, hiking, beaches, pools. Of course. And even our guests can try them if they want. We have a plenty of variety in accommodation, cottages, hotels and so  on. And we arrange even events. We have yearly an international airshow and art week. Christmas markets and summer theatres.  Although it must be said, sometimes we go to a bigger events. But they are only half an hour away.

Some people think with envy that we are quite fit here. And why not, when a year in a gym costs the same it costs in Helsinki- for a month. Or why there is a lot of talented musicans or artists. Well, we have to, we do have the best schools  in Finland. Some people come here just for them or to make some good bargains from our outlet stores. And they are welcome. There is a plenty of things to shop. And if they run out, the factory next door will make more.

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The unique nature gives its own frames to a successful trip or a incentive day with colleagues. 

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