Well, we are different for sure. It is hard to say, that this area with a bit more than 20 000 inhabitants would be the center of the world or some Silicon Valley. Yet. But what keeps you from doing it so. There is few huge companies with million business. We have this quite perfect way of doing things. And we've done some quite crazy things too.

People who live here, has a very strong love to their homeland. It means that once you find your Silicon Valley here, and the employers to it, the change is only a fracture of what it would be in Espoo. And you'll find them.  It is said, taht all the humour has left Northern Satakunta. It is not quite that. We have our own way to see the world and its phenomenons. It doesn't have to be a comedy all the time.

It is better to work than giggle in the corridores during the work hours. And you can still enjoy your word. Like we tend to do. We are a bit excluded here, so don't want to exclude ourselfs at work too. So if you need the hardest working employers of Finland, it is no need to go get them from Vantaa or some other strange place. They are here. And by the way, they don't have rush on the roads when getting to and off from work. With very nice and beautiful views. Unless they are telecommuting from ICT-Center. That's quite perfect!

Northern Satakunta is a leading subregion when it comes to food-, technology-, wood- and construction industry. Northern Satakunta developement center has made a business strategy for the years 2010-2015. Beginning entrepreneurs get a lot of support from here. A lot of different innovations and even some crazy ideas has been pulled through succesfully with the help of EU-funding. This is handeled by the local leader- office LAG Aktiivinen Pohjois-Satakunta

Here you'll find job opportunities in Northern Satakunta.

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